Suffolk County Bar Association:

June 06, 2018
Start Time
5:45 PM
End Time
8:30 PM

Participants will learn how to obtain a court-ordered name change for transgender New York residents. Without a legal name and gender change, transgender people are forced to use ID that doesn’t match who they are. This creates barriers to accessing employment, housing and education. But many transgender people are not able to make it through the name change process on their own. Upon completion of the training, you will be eligible to participate in Transcend Legal’s Name & Gender Recognition initiative, which matches volunteer attorneys with transgender people who need name change assistance.

This CLE program will talk about handling name changes for trans individuals in a "how to" format for the purpose of teaching practitioners how to handle the matters and to demonstrate in what ways such a matter may present differently than other name change proceedings. The program will provide 3 CLE credits; 1 in Professional Practice; 1 in Skills; 1 in Diversity.

Suffolk County Bar Association
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