Name and Gender Marker Changes: What You Need to Know

August 04, 2018
Start Time
4:15 PM
End Time
5:15 PM

People have a lot of questions about name and gender changes. How do I change my name? When is the best time to change my child's name? How do I update my birth certificate? What does the doctor's letter need to say? I was denied financial aid because I wasn't registered for Selective Service-what do I do? Do I have to tell employers about my old name? Can I get a nonbinary ID? Can I get my school to use my preferred name without a legal name change? Come hear from experienced attorneys who can give you the information you need to successfully navigate your name and gender marker change.

Room: 115B
Presenters: Charlie Arrowood & Noah Lewis

This is a general track presentation by Noah Lewis at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, which is free and open to the public. You can register online or at the door any day of the conference.

Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference