Making Cisness Visible: Naming Cis Ideals That Shape Trans Lives

March 23, 2019
Start Time
10:30 AM
End Time
11:45 AM

Society is built around the needs of cis people and rarely takes into account the existence of trans people. If we are not aware of cis-centered frameworks, attitudes, and beliefs that are operating around us, we unconsciously adopt them. This workshop provides a structure for making visible hidden cis ideals so that all people—cis and trans—can stop unconsciously perpetuating the oppression of trans people (including ourselves). Identifying these systems can be freeing. You will leave with the ability to name cis supremacy when you encounter it and thus be more prepared to eliminate it. This interactive workshop explores concrete examples of cis idealism in popular culture, the media, the law and places them in a broader context. Making these systems visible can provide a sense of relief and understanding for transgender people. Participants will gain the ability to name cis supremacy when they see it and recognize ways in which they might be contributing to it so that they can take steps to become more trans-positive. We will also discuss other ways of seeing and speaking that include trans experiences and perspectives and more accurately reflect a reality in which cis and trans are equal.

Keystone Conference