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If you have been denied insurance coverage for transgender-related health care like hormones or surgery, or if there is an explicit exclusion for sex reassignment surgery in your plan, contact us to learn what your options are for getting the coverage you deserve.

We can also help if you have been denied sex-specific care like gynecological care or a mammogram, or if you have questions about changing your sex designation with your insurance.

If you have insurance through an employer, purchased it through a state or federal marketplace, or have public insurance like Medicaid or Medicare, there are specific federal protections that prohibit discriminatory denials of care simply because you are transgender.

Many states also have issued insurance bulletins prohibiting bans on transgender health care. Virtually all insurance companies cover transgender-related health care in some of their plans, but you need to know if your specific plan is one of them.

The era of routine exclusion of transgender-related care is over. No one should be paying for surgeries out-of-pocket anymore. Contact us to learn more about your right to get coverage for the care that you need.

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