Insurance Coverage for Transgender Care

Trans Insurance Roadmap video series

The era of routine exclusion of transgender-related care is over. No one should be paying for puberty-delaying treatment, hormones, or surgeries out-of-pocket anymore.

Our Trans Insurance Roadmap videos are the place to start learning about your health care rights. The videos cover the basics of learning what your plan will cover, how to apply for coverage, and what your options are if you are denied.

Challenging insurance denials and exclusions

get insurance? get trans surgery!

Many laws prohibit discrimination in insurance, so if you've received a denial, it's important to speak with an attorney to learn what your rights are.

Here are some examples of things that can be readily challenged:

  • Denials saying facial feminization or breast augmentation is "not medically necessary"
  • Denial of puberty delay treatment (GnRH)
  • Denial of hormones or surgery because your child is not 18
  • Explicit exclusion for all trans care in a plan
  • Special cap (such as $75,000) for trans-related care
  • Being on hormones before FTM top surgery
  • Many other things can also be challenged

Many states have issued insurance bulletins prohibiting bans on transgender health care. Virtually all insurance companies cover transgender-related health care in some of their plans, but you need to know if your specific plan is one of them.

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