Creating transgender equality, one person at a time.

Transcend Legal helps people get transgender-related health care covered under insurance.

We also help transgender people in New York get their name & gender legally recognized.

  • Transcend Legal/Hofstra OUTLaw Transgender Name Change Clinic
  • Noah Lewis, Skyler Jay, and Kevin Barry
  • Transgender advocates were available outside the State Health Plan Board of Trustees meeting in Raleigh on Oct. 22, 2018. From left to right: Max Kadel, Noah Lewis, Connor Thonen-Fleck, Alexis Thonen, Deborah Thomson, Jeanne Duwve, Ames Simmons.
  • Noah E. Lewis, executive director of Transcend Legal, urges the State Treasury Board of Trustee to end discrimination against transgender employees and family members by including coverage for gender dysphoria in the state health care plan.
  • Trans Law Institute: Ensuring Access Comprehensive and Affirming Health Care

Trans Insurance Roadmap Video Series

The era of routine exclusion of transgender-related care is over. No one should be paying for hormones, surgeries, or puberty-delaying treatments out of pocket anymore.

Our Trans Insurance Roadmap videos are the place to start learning about your health care rights. The videos cover the basics of learning what your plan will cover, how to apply for coverage, and what your options are if you are denied.

does my plan cover trans care

Internships & Volunteering

We welcome applications from law students for term-time internships, pro bono projects, and clinical placements. Please download the job description for more information.

We also welcome applications from undergraduates or volunteers who are interested in assisting with tasks such as research or social media. Please a resume and cover letter describing your skills and the type of work you are interested in.